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Steel Framing Systems is a light gauge, galvanized steel structural framing system that is suitable for a wide range of applications in most sectors of construction. SFS can provide a wide range of value engineering solutions from external wall infill panels to high bay separating walls.


Steel Framing Systems: Infill Walling

  • Constructed from the floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone.
  • Most economical framing method.


Steel Framing Systems: Continuous Walling

  • Oversails the edge of the primary structure.
  • Studs sail past slab edge to maximise floor area.
  • Cladding does not need to bridge deflection joints at each floor.


Steel Framing Systems: High Bay Walls

  • Provide high separating walls for factory units or atriums.
  • Lightweight separating walls up to 20m.
  • Often no need to add foundations.
  • Up to 3 hrs fire protection.
  • No need for expensive hot rolled steel wind posts.

The above are just some of the benefits of using SFS. The most commonly used suppliers are Metsec and Kingspan. We use both depending on the client’s preference. We have vast experience installing all SFS systems, so if you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact us. You can view our contact information on our contact page, or alternatively, you can use our social channels. We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you soon.